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001 Our Unclaimed Riches; The Disciple’s Sacrifice

002 The Tramps; The Foundation Which God Laid

003 Mantled Christians; Conditions of Power

004 I Talk Back to the Devil

005 Time is Short; Memories of the Marechale

006 Passion and the Desert

007 Overcoming the Hurdles; Zeal

008 Throne Above the Sea; Awed by the Presence of God

009 Pray Until You Pray; The Inner Cross

010 The Riches of John Bunyan; Testament of Devotion

011 Divine Guidance; Praying for the Spirit

012 In God’s Underground

013 The Service of the Shadow; The Immutability of God

014 The Final Week; The Cutting of a Covenant

015 Real Christianity; Reservoir of Love

016 Satan Under Your Feet

017 Proselytes Just Make More Proselytes

018 Secret of the Lord; Forgotten Ingredient; Beauty of Holiness

019 The Magnificence of Mercy

020 Nice People or New Men?; Prayers of John Wesley

021 Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

022 Sayings of Fenelon; Evangelism; Christ the Way

023 Oswald Chambers - The Surrendered Life

024 The Eccentricity of Religion

025 Today’s Sleeping Giant; All Spiritual Blessings

026 The Key to Revival Part One; Christ is Purifying His Bride

027 God’s Grace; The Key to Revival Part Two

028 Fire! - Blaise Pascal; The Sacrament of Living

029 Eternity

030 God and One Redhead; School of the Spirit

031 Holy Justice

032 God’s Chosen Fast

033 The Blind Preacher - George Matheson

034 Waste; Exposition Must Have Application; Lack of Time

035 Why the Results are Delayed

036 A Superabundance of Blessing

037 Translators’ Impressions

038 Ploughing the Rock; Christ Formed in You

039 Empty Stomachs and Broken Lives

040 Wisdom in a Time of War; Aggressive Love

041 How to Be a Disciple

042 The Leader and His Reading; Ripple Effect of the Word

043 Christian Hedonism; How I Learned to Pray for the Lost

044 Shadow of the Almighty Part One; Tale of Two Brothers

045 A Spiritual Checkup; What is Worldliness?

046 Andrew Bonar - Heavenly Springs; Gentle Instruction

047 The Pleasure of God in Obedience

048 Dance of the God-Struck

049 A Tale of Three Kings

050 Spiritual Power

051 The Coming of Global Christianity

052 Sitting at the Feet of a Suffering Saint

053 Shadow of the Almighty Part Two; God Plays Favourites

054 Known in Hell; Dead or Alive

055 Where Judgment Must Begin

056 The Greatest Thing in the World

057 The One True Worshipper; Priesthood of all Believers

058 Reframing Paul

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