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Totus Christus

A Totus Christus review* Finally. Mike Bull has done it. Finally. Totus Christus is a tour de force of Biblical Theology. Here we have a book that believes the Bible is the Word of God and is not ashamed of any part of it. Bull believes in Biblical History all the way down to the […]

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Two Reviews

. Two reviews of the “review edition” of Totus Christus, one from a scholar and one from a student. Sincere thanks to both these readers for taking the time, especially Peter Leithart, who is a pastor, author and father of ten. He writes: Mike Bull is a graphic designer in the wonderfully named Katoomba, New South […]

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Made My Day

. Concerning Totus Christus, Kelby wrote me: “I just got through reading the chapter on Christ’s crucifixion. Let me say that almost every nitpick I might have had with any other section of the book was forgotten as I read this part. Whatever you charge for the book is what that chapter alone is worth. […]

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