A simple answer to the problem of distant starlight

supernova“There are “clocks” all over the universe, like supernova, that show us the universe really is 13.7 billion years old.”

What does a young earth creationist say to this? Is there a simple answer?

The best way I could distill Dr Humphreys’ theory was to understand that a clock on Mt Everest moves faster than one at sea level. If the universe has a centre of gravity as he postulates, then time moves faster as one moves from its centre. Apparently the only major variation he makes to modern cosmology is that the universe is finite and therefore has a centre.

Sounds just as plausible to me as anything the old earthers postulate.

Starlight and time—a further breakthrough

A stunning new book by a physics professor purports to show more firmly than ever how light from the most distant stars would have reached Earth in a very short time.

Some new developments here.

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