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I live not far from one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations, the Three Sisters. This rock formation overlooks a valley with spectacular sandstone cliffs. I climbed the Three Sisters a few years ago – when it was still legal!

Question is, is this valley the result of a little water over a lot of time, or a lot of water over relatively little time? If you look at the fine layers in the rocks, none of them shows any signs of being exposed for long before the next layer was put on top of it. No roots, burrows, etc. None of the disturbance by vegetation that you find at the top of the cliffs.

My friend, geologist Tas Walker, says:

Most visitors don’t realize they are looking at compelling evidence for the global Flood described in the Bible. The sandstone, of which the Sisters are made, points to huge watery deposition. The valleys and gorges, shaped when the Sisters were carved, are evidence of immense watery erosion. The Biblical global Flood explains this deposition and erosion…

You can read his full article here.

and make sure you check out his website, Biblical Geology.

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