Menu for the Dirty Birds

vulturesRevelation is laced with the Dominion pattern like brandy through a Christmas pudding. As a literary structure, its identification highlights some interesting things.

“Come, gather for the great supper of God,
… eat the flesh of kings,
……….the flesh of captains,
……………the flesh of mighty men,
……….the flesh of horses and their riders,
…..and the flesh of all men,
both free and slave, both small and great.”

It’s only subtle, but after observing this pattern so many times it gets easier to see. The first line is the Ark/Word [Sabbath], the kings rule in the firmament [Passover][1], the captains are the “Firstfruits” head of the body; the mighty men/giants always appear in the Pentecost wilderness (always! beginning in Genesis 6. They are the children of compromise); point 5 is always the body/army [Trumpets]; at six we have the High Priest/Adam [Atonement]. In Revelation, “men” refers to the mediating Jews; and finally Tabernacles refers to Sabbath rest, a Jew-Gentile feast where all are welcome, but in this case it is Herod’s Jew-Gentile kingdom as fare on the table.

This short passage also works its way down from the throne of God to the average Joe Jew. No one would escape the judgment.

What is even more interesting is that the passage within which this heptamerous invitation occurs also follows the pattern, and this invitation occurs at “Firstfruits.” In the greater pattern of the Revelation, the Firstfruits is the Lamb slain who opens the seven-sealed scroll of the New Covenant Law. So this invitation to the scavengers who carry out the cleansing after the Covenant curse falls is the outcome of the rejection of the blood of the Lamb.[2] The menu itself is a seven-sealed Covenant scroll. It is a free pass to the meat market of Club Gehenna.

“For wherever the carcass is, there the eagles will be gathered together.” Matthew 24:28

Tabernacles, as the final harvest of the year (grapes and olives), was also called “Ingathering.” Matthew 24 also follows the feast structure (twice), and Jesus uses this factor to make a terrifying joke. [3]

[1] In Revelation’s big pattern, this spot is taken by the Lampstand churches ruling in the firmament as New Covenant governing lights.
[2] See also No More Sacrifice for Sins.
[3] This passage contains the “scroll” command to “gather” because it is “Tabernacles” within an even greater structure. In Revelation, Jesus often has this Dominion/Feasts structure going at 3 or 4 levels simultaneously. The Revelation is designed like a Swiss clock. See Totus Christus for a full commentary.

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