Satan’s Synagogue


The Word of God is architectural. Like Solomon, the apostles understood that there is a time to build up and a time to tear down. Here is one of John’s blueprints:

Old Covenant – Jewish tent of death

Do not love the world or the things in the world. (false Ark)
…..If anyone loves the world,
…..the love of the Father is not in him.
…..(Veil – false Mediator: closed door/darkness)
……….For all that is in the world — (false Altar)
……….the lust of the flesh, (Table – false sacrifice)
……………the lust of the eyes, (Lampstand – false [oral] Law, eyes full of darkness)
……….and the pride of life — (Incense – false resurrection)
… not of the Father (first goat – the firstfruits Church)
…..but is of the world. (second goat – Judaism)

New Covenant – new Jew-Gentile Temple

(Notice this final structure is actually point seven of the one above.)

And the world (False source)
… passing away, (Veil torn)
……….and the lust of it; (Law of death)
……………but he (Ruling star)
……….who does (Law of life)
…..the will of God (Mediation)
abides forever. (Eternal succession)

The Christian life isn’t all mountaintop experiences. Like Moses, we are given the pattern on the mountain, then told to go down into the wilderness and build it. The apostles built a New Jerusalem around Greater Solomon, and then, from Twelve Thrones in heaven, tore down the old one forever.

Also, notice the similarities to the seven woes upon the Pharisees in Matthew!

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4 Responses to “Satan’s Synagogue”

  • Victor Says:

    Hey, I still cannot find similarities between Matthew 23 and the passage above…

    Kind regards,

  • Mike Bull Says:

    Hi Victor

    Bible Matrix p. 199 (and compare with Jesus’ blessings on p. 197 – they both follow the same format)

    Kind regards,

  • Trev Says:

    Thanks Mike good post.

    Interesting re: mountain top. This is the place of worship throughout the Scriptures. It is the place where heaven and earth meet. God’s people go up the mountain into His presence. Nothing changes in the New Testament. We still go up the mountain into the heavenly Jerusalem to worship in the most holy place. What we do while corporately before the throne of God impacts what happens on earth – we go up into heaven to worship God and pray that what happens in heaven should be done on earth! So, we cannot do a proper job of glorifying the world if we go up into heaven week after week to entertain ourselves. Our worship shapes the world.

    We are stocking the Through New Eyes series of commentaries now –

  • Victor Says:

    No wonder I didn’t find. I was looking for the woes in Totus Christus, not Bible Matrix. :-)