Covenant Prayer

Kellen Carroll, a friend of commenter Greg Fields, has had a look at John 17 with the Bible Matrix.

“My pastor has been going through the book of John for the past six years or so. We just recently finished chapter 17, at the same time I came to the section in Totus Christus where you mentioned the Covenantal Treaty.

This struck me as extremely interesting considering my pastor had broken the chapter into five part or petitions of Christ’s final prayer: Request for Glory, Request for Protection, Request for Sanctification, Request for Oneness, Request for His People to be where He is.

I started looking at the chapter through the eyes of the Dominion, Feasts, and Covenantal Treaty patterns. This is the outline that came out of that study. Let me know what you think about it.”

[Download here]

I think Kellen’s layout is a lot more useful for preaching/teaching than my spirals!

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3 Responses to “Covenant Prayer”

  • Robert Murphy Says:

    I have been seeing John 17 like this:
    * A. Father, sent (1-4)
    o B. Father, glory, before the world existed (5)
    + C. Given (6-8b)
    # D. believe, sent, world, for them and not for the world (8c-10)
    * E. I…world, they…world, keep them (11)
    o F. Except the Son of Perdition (12)
    + G. Joy (13,14)
    o F’ From the Evil One (15)
    * E’ They…world, I…world, sanctify them (16,17)
    # D’ believe, sent, world, not for them but for those who (18-21)
    + C’ Given (22,23)
    o B. Father, glory, before the foundation of the world (24)
    * A’ Father, sent (25,26)

  • Mike Bull Says:

    Thanks Robert!
    From what I’ve seen it’s not uncommon for a passage to follow a Covenant pattern and also be chiastic. John’s Revelation does the same. I really think this is the work of the Spirit, moving them to speak. To work this stuff out mentally would have taken years.

  • Robert Murphy Says:

    As your thesis affirms, the Bible is artistic. Listening to some schmuck dissecting “Ode to Joy” cannot compare with _listening_ to the Ninth.