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From a recent facebook post by Rick Capezza (reproduced with his permission):

I’m trying to figure out the structure of the miracles of the two daughters in Mark. I looked in a half dozen commentaries for structures, but found nothing. I have yet to try a hierarchical structure, but I took a quick shot at a chiasm using Eric [Pyle]‘s KAYAK tool. [1]

I don’t ever do this, and I don’t think the chiastic structure works all that well. But since y’all are structure pros, I thought I’d see what you all have come up with. My structure doesn’t highlight some of the key aspects of the text (physicians/Jesus, life/death, faith, table fellowship, touch) and no one else I’ve seen has developed any chiasm (or any structure) on the passage, so I am inclined to say that the structure isn’t there. But again I could just be sorely missing the divisions.The current center makes little sense to me, but I got pretty stuck in the middle 5 verses. I’d love some feedback and/or some alternative structures.

The Two Daughters
Mark 5:21-42

A. A crowd gathers around Jesus (Mk. 5:21)
B. Jairus falls down (Mk. 5:22).
C. Jairus says his daughter is nearly dead, asks Jesus to lay hands that she might live (Mk. 5:23).
D. A large crowd is pressing in on Jesus (Mk. 5:24).
E. The woman arrives at the crowd; woman meets crowd (Mk. 5:25).
F. Fearless of the crowd, the woman shows forth extraordinary faith (Mk. 5:27).
G. Her blood flow stops; she is ceremonially resurrected (Mk. 5:29).
H. Jesus emphasizes His power (Mk. 5:30).
I. Disciples scold Jesus – act like He doesn’t know what He is saying (Mk. 5:31).
X. “And He looked around to see the woman who had done this” (Mk. 5:32).
I’ Woman acknowledges Jesus’ knows her secret deed (Mk. 5:33).
H’ Jesus emphasizes the woman’s faith (Mk. 5:34).
G’ Jairus’s daughter dies (Mk. 5:35).
F’ Jesus says, “Do not be afraid any longer, only believe” to hopeless Jairus (Mk. 5:36).
E’ Jesus and Jairus arrive at Jairus’ home; crowd meets crowd (Mk. 5:37).
D’ Jesus puts out the large, noisy crowd–only Peter, James, and John remain (Mk. 5:40).
C’ Jesus takes the girl’s hand and raises her from the dead (Mk. 5:41).
B’ Immediately the girl gets up and begins to walk (Mk. 5:42).
A’ Jesus says, “No one should know about this” (Mk. 5:43).

Some comments from me (FWIW):

It’s Jesus with His burning Lampstand eyes who is bang smack in the middle, watching over Israel. Rick commented that this explains the repeated use of the word “daughter.” Jesus is looking for the true bride amongst a harlotrous nation. In the blood, there are shades of Ezekiel 16.

The flow of the structure is bloody, too. The passage begins with Jairus’ daughter, but salvation has to come first to the Jew.

Concerning the Jew, the structure works from the silent, bloody Tabernacle of Moses (death) to the singing, Jew-Gentile Tabernacle of David (i.e. the woman only speaks after she is healed).

I reckon both halves follow the matrix, plus the entire passage does as well (the atonement of the Jew brings life to the Gentile world). A line-by-line analysis would also be interesting.

With the Lampstand at the centre, the Tabernacle structure has the disciples unknowingly playing the “Herodian” accusers, putting Jesus on the Altar. He takes their curses and only gives blessing (sort of like Balaam!).

The “ascension” [nearbringing] of the Firstfruits Lamb causes the flow of Israel’s blood to stop. As Elisha, he heals the miscarriages of the Herodian Jericho. But then, he must also set the bears on the children of the other woman, Jezebel.

But Rick’s chiasm shows the mirrored events in detail. It’s amazing how all this is going on at once. Beautiful.

[1] Yes, you guessed right: Xiasm software!

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