Letter from America

Most of the feedback I get is criticism, which is helpful for me — so it’s great to hear from someone who has been helped in some way!

From Pamela in the upper midwest, USA:

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been gleaning what I can from your website, and I’m very grateful for what you’ve written, or rather, what I’ve been able to understand, so far…

I purchased your first Bible Matrix book for my husband after I read some of your comments on an American Vision blog post, but the concepts contained in it are so unfamiliar to both of us that I think it’s going to take us living with them and praying about it for a while before we can really dive in. It’s the same thing we had to go through before fully embracing postmillennialism.

In the meantime, I’m really enjoying your articles on baptism. So far they’re helping me understand why Jesus Christ, who knew no sin, needed to be baptized, and they’re helping me form a response to paedobaptism even while discovering the truth behind the need for our own believer’s baptism beyond, “We’re commanded to do it.” Sure, I guess, but I figure there’s always a reason for the commandment, and I’ve always wanted to understand the reason.

Anyway, I love the butcher and chef metaphor of your latest published book. I think my husband would also really appreciate it, but we both just need a little more time acclimating to the approach you advocate and gaining confidence in it before I order it. We’ll just keep praying for the Spirit’s discernment!

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