Apr 10 2012

Same Difference

or The Practical Expression of Commonality in Primary Doctrinal Truth

Presbyterians and Baptists have a long history of working together. As is God’s way, any new endeavour must take the past into account but not be bound by it. This is a guest post by my friend Matt Carpenter.

The questions surrounding the origins and necessity of denominations have been discussed at great length and I don’t intend on bringing them up here. But it doesn’t mean we have a license to continue without giving it another thought. This isn’t another call for lip-quivering ecumenism. Fellow soldiers in God’s army can learn a lot from one another and the two groups I currently have in mind are Baptists and Presbyterians. Traditionally they have shared a lot in common.

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Aug 25 2009

Revivals and Farming



I watched a sermon by J. Edwin Orr from 1976 in which he gave a summary of his brilliant history of revivals. His main point was that revivals all began with unified, cross-denominational prayer. It was a very friendly yet stunning address.

Revivalism cops heat from mainline denominations, and often for good reason. But the societal fruits of the events Orr shared were exactly the kinds of things the proponents of dominion theology crave to see in our time. And they happened over night. What’s the deal?

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