Dec 5 2012

Full Metal Alchemy

Scientism’s Credibility Crunch

One day, perhaps in a century or two, the word “Scientist” will be a term of derogation used to describe the cultists of the 20th century. Many things that the “Scientists” believed will be causes for ridicule. Their work has brought unimaginable benefits, but, like the alchemists, when they promised gold their grand claims were eventually exposed as fraudulent.

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Dec 22 2011

The Real Climate Shock


A rejection of Biblical history and its chronology of the planet might be the cause for one of science’s greatest mistakes.

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May 7 2011

What You Didn’t Know about Galileo

by Mitch Stokes. Available from Canon Press.

galileo-mstokesIn 1633, the Inquisition found Galileo guilty of “vehement suspicion of heresy” for his support of Copernicanism, the view that the earth moves around a stationary sun. The ill and elderly scientist was then forced to recant his view and spend the rest of his life under house arrest. He died in his country villa in 1642, entirely blind.

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Oct 26 2010

Beyond The Wall


“When you read the Bible, be careful of adopting a bunch of mechanical rules to read by… You know, you can go to the Christian bookstore, or the seminary bookstore, and you can get books by popular writers and by professors of theology on how to read the Bible: ‘rules for reading.’ And there is much that is useful and good in some or all of those books. But we must ask ourselves, what other book have you ever read using rules? Do you have a book of rules to read the newspaper by? Or if you want to read a novel by Jane Austen, must you consult a book of interpretive laws? Or a textbook on American history? Or do you just read it? It’s kind of odd that we have covered the Bible up with ‘rules on how to read.’ We don’t read anything else by rules. So what’s going on here? Continue reading

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Jul 2 2010

The Trash Vaporizer


or Postmillennial Rubbish

Does thinking about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch give you the eco-jitters? Do you shudder at the thought of the world running out of space for landfill? Worry no more. We finally have the answer.

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