Sleep Like A Man


James Jordan writes:

High culture naturally self-destructs apart from true faith. Lacking a true sabbath context, the increase of leisure time in high cultures eventuates in high amounts of psychic stress, decadence, and homosexuality. We see this in America today. Unless a high city culture is founded in the Biblical principles of true worship and free labour, it will collapse under its own decadence.1

I want to concentrate on the psychic stress (see any baptist preacher on decadence and search Doug Wilson on PoMosexuality).

Perhaps part of the reason for our stress is the fact that we have realised that reason and science will never give us total control. Even with all our modern conveniences, and growing mastery of the world, we are still not the masters of our own lives. This desperate grasping, like most else, began in Eden.

But the Apostle Peter, after Pentecost, was like Christ, and not like Adam. Chained up between two soldiers and awaiting a likely execution, he was in a deep sleep. Okay, perhaps he was exhausted, but if it were me I would have been pacing the floor as far as those chains would let me, no matter how exhausted I was. Hey, the deadlines in my cushy job often have me doing that.

Peter realised that life was not his to control. He could eat the true bread in contentment and wait for Jesus to give him the kingdom wine. He was totally abandoned to the will of God. With perfect trust in Christ to do the very best for Peter and for those around him, the apostle could enjoy a slumber that seemed totally irresponsible. With the wisdom of Christ to know what was within his power to change and what was not, even on this terrible eve he could sleep, not like a baby, but like a real man. Perhaps he had seen Someone else do this on a dark and stormy night.

Ignore that high-culture false-conscience berating you as grossly irresponsible, and sleep in the Sabbath rest of the Spirit of Christ.

1  OPEN BOOK, Views & Reviews, No. 39: The Case Against Western Civilisation, Part 4: The Nephilim Factor

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