An Inconvenient Tree


Imagine finding a dinosaur alive in your backyard.


Dave Noble found some in the Blue Mountains near Sydney in 1994. This species didn’t die out 200 million years ago after all. A small colony survived. Now you can buy one for your garden. This dinosaur is the Wollemi Pine, the tree that time forgot.

Well, that is if you believe the hype. If you believe the chronology of the Bible as I do, the discovery of such living fossils isn’t a surprise at all.


Check out the Wollemi Pine (a truly strange tree) here. And CMI has an article on it (among others),  here. And my backyard, er, the Blue Mountains in a new commercial here. (You can almost see our house in the aerial shot!). Just ignore the claim about the valleys being carved out over millions of years. See my comments here.

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