Advance Notice


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For most people, reading the Bible is like watching a foreign film with no subtitles. Yet the keys to the entire book have been hidden in plain sight…​

These five presentations have been carefully prepared so that each builds upon the preceding one. Doug Haley will lead you into the realm of biblical images, Mike Bull will then explain how the Bible, the world and history are constructed, and Pastor Albert Garlando will share his experiences in how all this plays out in Christian ministry.


08.30-09.00      Registration

09.00-09.15      Welcome – Michael Bull

09.15-10.00      Seeing Through New Eyes – Douglas Haley

10.00-10.15      Questions

10.15-10.45      Morning Tea

10.45-11.45      The Big Bible Handle – Michael Bull

11.45-12.00      Questions

12.00-01.00      Lunch

01.00-02.00      The Cross-Shaped World – Michael Bull

02.00-02.15      Questions

02.15-02.45      Afternoon Tea

02.45-03.45      Moses And The Revelation – Michael Bull

03.45-04.00      Questions

04.00-04.30      Shaping Hearts And Minds – Albert Garlando

04.30-04.45      Questions

04.45-05.00      Close – Douglas Haley


Seminar notes will be available for download two weeks prior to the event. Bookings open July 1, 2013. Limit 120.

Website with full details online soon.

Venue: The Carrington Hotel

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