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For most people, reading the Bible is like watching a foreign movie with no subtitles. The keys to understanding the book are hidden in plain sight, but we haven’t been trained to see them.

The Bible is a story. Imagine if you could make sense of its weirdest bits using some skills you might have learned from watching a long-running TV series. The countless novels, movies and TV shows we enjoy employ exactly the same techniques to connect with people as the ones used by the authors of the Bible.

The Bible has a shape. Imagine being able to read it in 3D in the same way an architect interprets building plans, or a tailor understands suit patterns.

The Bible has a tune. Imagine being familiar with its basic “musical” themes so you know what is happening and where the story is going.

The Bible is art. Imagine being a curator who knows the reason for every curve of the sculpture, with a mind and heart shaped by its beauty.

The Bible is fun. Imagine being able to see when the author is making a joke or turning another Bible story on its head just to shock his audience!

Contemporary culture has been shaping us for a fresh look at the Bible. This amazing book has been biding its time, waiting for a new generation of visual thinkers who are profoundly savvy when it comes to story, poetry and symbolism.

This little book will give you your first glimpse of the potential of the structural and symbolic wonders in the Bible. It’s time to open your eyes.

Available for Kindle here. iBook should be available on iTunes soon (hopefully for free! amazon Kindle doesn’t do free).

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