A New Frontier

Although Mike has been designing website layouts for years, actual web design is now within the Bull Artistry stable. Or cow pen.

“So often, I’d provide clients with top notch design for their print collateral, and watch helplessly as they sourced websites that were functional but ugly. Now I provide a comprehensive design service.”

Bull Artistry partners with only the best web builders. We have a solution for every need and every budget.

There’s not that much in this gallery yet, but I hope you’ll come back and visit some time to see what’s new. Better still, we could design your new website.

SDA Schools

Website design for Greater Sydney Adventist Schools. The final result is here.

Blue Mountains Iyengar Yoga Studio

A recent upgrade to Lulu Bull’s yoga website. It’s nice to be allowed to use some white space for a change. Yoga is about getting rid of the clutter, after all.

Gebel Aquasafe

A clean look for water filtration. These guys are incredibly innovative.


Puro Clean

Super washing powder. No fillers!

Check it out here.

Zenith Travel

After creating the brand, a spacious website design was called for. The background image is a rotating gallery of emotive travel images.

Win United

Win United, a supplier of industrial hose and fittings, required a simple site for a basic web presence. After developing their “winning” brand and designing numerous promotions, the site was designed and serves at a portal for their comprehensive price guide and specials.

The site is also an integral part of harvesting contacts for their growing — and very effective — mailing list.


Footy Jumping Castles

Web page design for jumping castle hire with local footy team themes.

Madjestic Tours

After attending a business seminar, Malcolm and Sharon Wells put what they learnt into practice and decided their old, folksy website was not only outdated but sent the wrong message about their rapidly growing business.

A new logo and brand was developed as part of the site design process.


Sleep Health Foundation

A new venture by the Australasian Sleep Association, this site is dedicated to increasing community awareness of the importance of good sleep and the treatment of sleep disorders.

We developed a brand that was friendly yet “scientific” yet accessible and friendly. The starry sky was matched with green grass to imply the crucial link between night and day, between sleep and a fruitful life.


Aim Equipment

As a supplier of an ever-increasing range of industrial power equipment, Aim Equipment required a basic run down of its product range and a link to its product guide.

The striking colour palette is limited to “engine” red and tones of metallic grey. The logo was also upgraded to match this look.


Sounds Sensational

Design for a DJ/MC website.

Cygnet Marketing

Sadly, this is a venture that never went ahead. But it was great fun to design and it looks smashing.

Noppen Air

This design is a concept for a site in development. The logo was revamped and given a revitalised colour scheme. The company services industrial air conditioners, so the home page is deliberately corporate and refreshingly airy.


This design is a concept for a site in development. The colour scheme encompasses industry (red), science (clean white), with a “serious” gunmetal-toned water motif.

Dimensional Thinking

This eye-catching design was for a teambuilding company that has since split into two separate ventures. A new logo was developed out of “head and shoulder” silhouettes. In the live version, the one at the top slowly spins.

Teambuilding banner ads

Here’s a series of print and web banners created for teambuilding programs. Omega Challenge was an outdoor adventure. The Pitch involved developing and selling an idea.

Teambuilding banner ads

Corporate Kendo speaks for itself. Dash for Cash involved getting and gambling money very fast — this one was lots of fun.

Teambuilding banner ads

Notice the wings in the logo of the High Ropes course. The Zone was a high speed indoor grown-up game of target and toss.

Teambuilding banner ads

Triple A Challenge I never really understood. But it’s a cool banner, hey? Sunrise was a mockup breakfast show which went down very well.

Teambuilding banner ads

These two speak for themselves — corporate versions of popular games.

Teambuilding banner ads

Finally, a Hollywood teambuilding experience and learn-to-dance.

Teambuilding Australia

A site design concept with a strong colour scheme that somehow combines corporate and fun.


Another design for teambuilding. The central atom graphic is an animation loop created by my handy cleverclogs sister Naomi, whose 3D claims to fame are work on the Matrix movies, Babe, and Happy Feet.


Water filtration equipment: must communicate the science of clean water as well as the simplicity of the product, the environmental aspect, and also be family friendly.

Currency Corp

Site concept for a residential development firm.


Concept for CFO Strategic website redesign.

Scenic World

Concept for Scenic World website redesign.