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KCC Conference Centres

Katoomba Christian Convention has been running for over a century. When there are no conventions on, the site is available for conferences and camps. Here’s a 16 page booklet we put together in 2012.


KCC Conference Centres

Printed entirely on card stock, it reflects the fresh renovations and upgrades and the proactive thinking that keeps this incredible ministry running. Find out more at

Balmoral Homes

Stunning homes. It’s all about the photos! But how to arrange them attractively in a small space?

AIM Equipment Price Guide

Some pages from a comprehensive 60 page price guide for AIM Equipment. Months of work on this one, for the client and for me! If you need a generator, pump or concrete saw, visit

Bamboo Box

If you ever get a chance to eat here, go for it.

Renaissance Spa

Classical and classy. Old world without the old.

Coffee Trailer

Coffee and donuts. If I could get one of these vans for myself, I would. I’d sit it just outside the office.

If you want one for an event, call Ned on 1300 724 960.

Blue Mountains Crossings

Lots planned to celebrate the bicentenary of the three explorers crossing the Blue Mountains in 1813. This is a two page spread for the local newspaper. You can read more at

ARV Tours 2013

Time for a fresh look. Samples from a 36 page tour brochure.

Insight magazine advertisement

A two page spread advertisement in Insight magazine for Scenic World Blue Mountains.

Scenic World lecturn banners

These are lecturn banners printed on silk for a tourism industry event.

Titanic Anniversary Poster

Maintaining the feel of the period but with a fresh attitude was not simple. It also looks a little like a ticket. I hear the band played until they could play no more.

Hose & Fittings Catalogue

Three section headers from a 104 page price guide for Win United. The photos were simple snapshots taken on a white desktop by my client. There was a bit of cleaning, sharpening and recolouring, but they turned out okay.

MobiLife banner

Artwork for a large vinyl expo banner. Note the “medical” colour palette. The models are all female, because, let’s face it, the ladies are generally better at looking after us! It communicates safety and detailed care.

Civic Centre Upgrade

Two of a series of posters for Council, designed to encourage community comments on the options for upgrading the Springwood Civic Centre. I think the jury is still out on this one.

Blue Mountains in YHA

2 page spread for Blue Mountains Tourism in the annual YHA guidebook.

Allflow Piping

Sample pages from a 6 page brochure for Allflow Specialist Piping Solutions.

Travelworld Cruise Guide

Sometimes when a client gives you a bunch of beautiful images, you just want to use them all. This time, I decided I would.

A cruise guide has to appeal to a range of different age groups and interests, so they all had to be represented. Why not visually represent a cruise guide as an “experience menu”? I don’t know about you, but whenever I see this, I wish I was at sea.

And if you are interested in a holiday, talk to the girls at Travelworld Hornsby.

Smart Learn brochures

Brochures for a local company selling educational supplies. These were often challenging but always fun.

More Smart Learn brochures

Some more brochures for Smart Learn. The company has since been sold and is no longer local.

Portamix Brochure

If you are pouring floors, “The hippo saves you time. Makes you money.”

DT Proposal

Covers for corporate proposals from a teambuilding company.

Student Companion Booklets

Sample pages from one of a series of workbooks for school students visiting Scenic World … with stickers!

Japanese Student Workbook

Sample pages from a workbook for Japanese students visiting Scenic World.

Grant A Wish

Sample pages from ADRA’s Grant A Wish catalogue. You too can give an unforgettable gift here.

ADRA annual report 09

Every ADRA annual report requires a design “reinvention,” which is a great challenge. 09 was clean and friendly with cut out shapes of exotic foliage.

ADRA annual report 10

For 2010, we went for an earthy look, a collage of batik textures and torn-edge images held together with subtle patches of old sticky tape. The images were also treated with a “vintage” colour filter, which was relatively new at the time. Now everyone’s doing it on their phones!

ADRA annual report 11

Here’s another one – a cleaner but also more colourful theme to contrast with the previous year.

ADRA Wall Calendar

Sample pages from the 2010 ADRA wall calendar.

Breath of God poster

Poster image and layout for a breathtaking oratorio by Walter Robins. You can listen to some of the tracks here.

Breath of God CD booklet

Foldout booklet design for Breath of God original launch in 2006.


Lifting equipment. Cutting out chains is a bit tedious, I can tell you. But a nice result.

SoundHeaven postcard

Logo and postcard design for John Stuart’s soundheaven.

Misty Mountains 4WD

4 page brochure for Misty Mountains 4WD outback tours.

CleanStation advertisement

A magazine advert for an air purifier. The unit is black, which doesn’t help with the colour psychology of the ad. Purity is white, so a very white room with strong black shapes was chosen to set the mood. Your black machine keeps the room white, if you like.

CleanStation brochure

A brochure developed for displays in shopping centres. The basic black and white is supported by a clinical blue (health) and a sunflower yellow (well-being).

The striking colours of the kitchen were altered so they wouldn’t clash too much with the colour scheme.

CleanStation brochure

The inside of the brochure. There is enough of a “technical” look to back up the science, with child models to make you feel irresponsible if you don’t have a CleanStation. So, you’d better get one.

Tour Itineraries

Fantastic Aussie Tours and Christian Fellowship Tours are operated out of the same office by some very hard working people. They have been running coach tours for decades and have recently ramped up the international travel side of things with the purchase of the CFT company. If you travel with these guys, you are in good hands.

Pet Food Packaging

Finished art for Hearty Meals dog food.

The Edge movie

DVD cover and retail poster design for The Edge giant screen Blue Mountains movie.

Bible Study Guide

Cover of a 1 year study guide produced by the Bible League.

AFM brochure

A four page brochure outlining the benefits of activated filter media. It prevents the development of toxins from the combination of human organic matter and chlorine. We typesetters know everything.

Safe Places banners

Roll up banners for Adventist Safe Places ministry services.

Explorer Bus collateral

Here’s the cover of the 48 page guidebook, the brochure/map, and some window signage for the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus. This attraction recently joined the worldwide City Sightseeing brand, and my job was to come up with a Blue Mountains version of it. As if red buses weren’t colourful enough!

Sicame brochures

Two cover designs from a series of brochures for Sicame, a French company which produces hardware for powerline installations and maintenance.

Bygone Accommodation

An advertisement for local upmarket holiday cottages for a Sydney Chinese magazine.

TurfTech promotions

An advertisement and catalogue cover for a company that sells high end turf maintenance equipment.

TTS Catalogue

Introductory spread for the catalogue. You should almost be able to smell the freshly trimmed grass.

TTS Catalogue

Some more pages. The booklet is fairly busy with content, so the design needs to be clean and the logic easy to follow.

Church brochure

Logo and brochure design for a church in Lismore.

Wizards Events

Despite the dominance of the internet, tourism still relies quite a bit on printed brochures. Drop cards are still very popular in tourist information centres.

The historic Zig Zag Railway hold Thomas the Tank Engine events for little kids, and Harry Potter events for big ones. This one was combined with Mount Tomah Botanic Garden for some wizardy weekends.

World Heritage Wonder Pass

Designed from scratch for a joint venture between three major attractions in the Blue Mountains region. The iconic shape of the Wollemi Pine leaves was included in the logo for an “eco” reference, but the colours are distinctly family fun. This promo lasted until an entry fee at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah was dropped. Yes, entry is now free, so get on your horse and check it out.

Retail Trader

Sample pages from 20 page Retail Trader industry magazine. I only got to do one issue. Their regular designer was getting lazy, so they used me to teach him a lesson. It’s nice to have done it, though.

GMB logo

Logo design for an IT company.

Academy Singers logo

Logo design for a local choir. They are amazing.

Sports Team logos

Logo designs for kids’ sports teams.

KCC expo stand

Signage for the KCC booth at the One convention in 2011. The people who put the chairs in front of it are considerate, and not graphic designers.

KEC11 covers

The concept on the left almost went to print, but got nixed by management at the last minute for being too girly. It’s a family convention, but perhaps they were right. This concept thing is not easy.

KEC10 concepts

The original title of this convention was “Seeing is Believing.” We started off with the paparazzi, but that was seen as tasteless and possibly aggressive! A CSI theme was next, which went to print in one advert. The concept on the right was the final image: guaranteed not to offend anyone!

MKC covers

Covers for the annual Men’s Katoomba Convention. The 2012 convention was originally titled “Men at Work,” but I guess that smacks of litigation now.

DeliXpresso Posters

The most effective food posters are the ones that make you hungry. And the ones that make you hungry are the ones you can almost smell. Food photography ain’t easy… I know. I once spoke to someone who was a “food stylist,” experienced at coating fries and other things with a delicious coat of wood varnish for the photo shoot. Mmm…

If you’re in Katoomba, visit DeliXpresso for great coffee or a gourmet lunch. Shane’s Greek salad has to be eaten to be believed.

ACPE Prospectus

Here’s some sample pages from the Australian College of Physical Education prospectus. At last, a client who has the budget for some clean, empty space! And they also photographed students who looked kind of Olympic.

ACPE Prospectus

The prospectus has to be more than merely informative. It has to convey the atmosphere of Olympic Park: wide, relaxed, open spaces, modern architecture, the excitement of competition, and the smell of sweat and chlorine. My kind of education!

Carrington posters

The Carrington Hotel in Katoomba (built 1880) is a venue with a lot of character — a bit like the current owners. They manage to come up with themes for their annual Winter and New Year’s Eve balls that keep me on the hop.

These jobs draw on all my “movie poster” brain cells. I spend a few hours looking for suitable stock images, plan the job in my head and then on paper (i.e. what is going to go where and how the different shots from different photographers are all going to work together) and then a couple of hours putting it together and recolouring things if necessary.

Carrington posters

Here’s another New Year’s Eve poster, plus one for the annual Melbourne Cup charity event.

After an hour of looking unsuccessfully for images of horses and hats, I decided to find my spurs — and came up with this!

Carrington posters

A fantastic stock photo most often isn’t enough. For this Murder Mystery poster, the dominant colour is red. The tones of the image were “warmed up” to match, and the subjects were cut out so that the Carrington floral could be added to give the mixed message of heritage and tacky wallpaper in a smoky mafia diner.

The Short Film Festival was more straight forward. The facade of the actual hotel lens itself, er, lends itself to a red carpet feel — I just added the lights!

Carrington posters

I didn’t get to do a poster for the pirates’ party, but here’s a supporting ad.

A support event for the Winter Ball was originally “Freak Show” but it was decided this might scare people away! Side Show is freaky enough.

Carrington posters

House of Horrors (without being too horrible) and a supporting press ad for the 2011 medieval themed Winter Ball.

Carrington posters

Last one.

The theme was originally medieval, so I produced the poster on the left. It was changed to King Arthur’s Court, which meant focussing on the knight. This made for a better event, but artistically I think the original poster works better. What do you think?

Matthias Media brochure

A Matthias Media books brochure.

Matthias Media resource guide

Sample pages from a 48 page Matthias Media pastor’s resource guide.

ENZI kit

Packaging design for a business networking kit. Unthinkable now that we have smart phones.

Victor Daley book design

This biography tells us the exploits of Irish-Australian writer Victor Daley. I was supplied with a photographic portrait of Daley and a sketch based on the photo. Why not combine them? I also typeset the book.

Tourist Newspaper

I’ve designed the Blue Mountains Tourist Newspaper since 2005, and I still love doing it.

Besides some really helpful maps and informative articles, the advertisements showcase the best attractions, events and accommodation every quarter.

The first edition was published in 1970 by the founder of Scenic World, Harry Hammon, who was a bit of a character. I doubt it was as nice looking as it is now.

Hope Nation lift device

This square brochure fold out into 8 panels. The “outside” provides a rundown on ADRA’s Hope Nation projects.

Hope Nation lift device

The inside provides a timeline of one particular project over a number of years. The challenge was to present a timeline in a way that was pictorial, attractive and entirely intelligible.

OnLine T-shirt

This animal is a tractor camera that videos the insides of pipelines. Not an easy industry to make exciting, but this particular bit of hardware is so cool it was chosen to be the hero on T-shirts for CivEnEx infrastructure expo.

Bacsoon Customising

Brochure design for experts in stainless steel. They started off with boats, but architects love it, too.

Bush Church Aid Tours

How’s this for an idea? Take a bunch of friendly supporters on coach tours around Australia to encourage people in isolated outback churches! I think this was the brainchild of my friend John Cronshaw.

One of the most interesting churches is the one in Coober Pedy. As you would expect, it’s an underground congregation.

Shredder Promotions

A shark theme was very successful in promoting this office shredder. For a new-and-improved model, we went the “Slasher film poster” look, including the use of the Australian “R” rating symbol lookalike for the warranty.

Louvrelux brochure

Louvrelux is a product in the Carbolite stable.

Besides design and layout, this job involved some heavy duty image enhancement of fairly ordinary snapshots — I’ve gotten pretty good at adding blue sky!

There were also quite a few technical diagrams throughout the brochure. These shades are not only sexy, they are tough.

Transport Guide

As a “city” built along the sides of a highway that passes through a wilderness, the Blue Mountains, transport is often an issue for locals.

The council decided to support the publication of this sustainable transport guide, which includes such things as bus services, medical transport, “sustainable” modes of transport such as cycling and even community walking groups.

There’s a ton of helpful info in here, and I have a car!

Bible League publications

Two covers from a new series of “Simplified English Versions” of passages from the Bible carefully modified by the Bible League in Australia for outback aboriginal people.

Hattery advert

The largest seller of hats in Australia happens to be in Katoomba. This advertisement was for the Sydney Morning Herald.

I wanted the feel of a 1950’s magazine, so the colours, fonts and layout had to reflect that. And a little bit of Burberry plaid certainly helped.

You can find The Hattery at

Outback Motor Homes advert

This vehicle probably costs more than a house. And so it should.

Christian Education Network

Two covers for principals’ conferences for the CEN.

I reckon glass chess pieces were perfect for “transparent leadership.”

SDA Conference themes

Australian SDA school principals meet together every two years. Their conferences are extremely constructive.

I deal with a few different denominations, and I have found that the Adventist “culture” leaves everyone else for dead when it comes to combining “friendly” with “competent.”

Drawing Competition

Meet Jesse, the original Scenic Railway carriage, now retired. You can actually sit in the real Jesse at the lower station of the railway.

This was a school holiday promotion. Here’s part of the signage for the entry box, the promotion poster and the front of the drawing competition entry form.

Revelation lectures

The cover and DVD design for James Jordan’s lecture series on the Revelation. You can order these from It took me almost a year to get through these 204 lectures. I came to realize that we moderns have no idea what Revelation is about because we haven’t memorized the books of Moses. Brilliant stuff.

Complete Jordan lecture library

Here’s the design for the complete lectures of James Jordan. This collection is updated every year with the latest stuff.

For those willing to listen, Jordan’s lectures are a very practical gateway to understand the Bible, and I wanted to communicate that very simply. The image links the two-edged message of traditional “gargoyled” doors with the two-edged gospel: for the faithful, the Lion of Judah is a guardian and a door; for the unfaithful, He is merely a guard at the door.

ADRA Display Banners

These roll up banners needed to be able to be arranged together or separately. Big faces are always a draw card. They promise a human story. Secondary text and images take it from there. Strong, earthy colours communicate the grassroots, hands-on approach to charity taken by ADRA.


A quarterly publication with a round-up of news from ADRA’s domestic and international charity operations. The publication was recently given a makeover to keep it fresh.

Different batik textures have been used to give it an exotic flavour, with the respective patterns echoed in a corporate grey footer to communicate stability and competence.

ASM09 Covers

Sleep on the world stage? This one took some thought. In both photos, the model was originally holding a cauliflower.

ASM Display Banners

Roll up banners for the annual convention of the Australasian Sleep Association and Australasian Sleep Technologists Association.

The Sleep Health Foundation is a new initiative to make helpful information about sleep easily available.

Graphic elements are carefully arranged to grab the attention and tell a story. If the TV is on in a room, the eye naturally gravitates to it. Roll up banners should be as stunning as movie posters.


ASM12 flyer

The Sleep DownUnder convention goes up top to the Northern Territory in 2012. The only guide they gave me was “crocodiles.”

OSM12 theme

But there’s a lot you can do with crocodiles, especially when the convention includes a conference for those concerned with the relationship between teeth and sleep.

ASA Annual Report

How to combine sleek, sleep and the auditor’s report?

The colour scheme is corporate, but the lower case fonts and breezy graphic give the report a relaxed feel. The horizontal lines of the logo are reprised in the image. This says, “sleep is serious business.”

Blue Mountains Bike Map

This DL size brochure folds out into a large map containing the many popular on- and off-road bike tracks in the Blue Mountains.

It had to appeal to all bike riders, so a family image appears on the front and an image of backpackers with hired bikes at the end of an off-road track appears on the back.

The reds, blues and greens in the images are supported by the colours in the brand escarpment graphic.