All orders are subject to Bull Artistry’s Terms & Conditions.

1 A deposit and/or a company purchase order is required for any work undertaken. In most cases a deposit will be 50% of the estimated total. If paying by cheque, the cheque must clear before deposit payment is considered to have been received. Balance is payable upon delivery. If for some reason payment is not received on delivery, interest may be charged on accounts more than 30 days overdue.

2 An authorising email or signature of approval is required by a responsible person before printing of any new artwork can proceed. Bull Artistry will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions discovered after customer approval, however we do take all possible care in our proofing process.

3 Quotations are firm for minimum 30 days after date of quote. Artwork quotations are subject to sighting of customer’s job brief and any images or materials supplied. Customers should supply a brief which is as detailed as possible in the first instance to save time and money on alterations. Excessive author’s alterations will incur charges beyond quoted design prices.

4 All work undertaken is treated as confidential.

5 Bull Artistry reserves the right to refuse to do business with any customer deemed to be a risk. Bull Artistry reserves the right to refuse any work which is deemed to be illegal or offensive in any part.

6 All printing is of a high professional standard, but customers should note that there may be a slight variation in colours between similar print orders. Bull Artistry will take no responsibility for variations considered by us to be within acceptable limits.

7 Customers should note that specific Pantone colours they specify may alter slightly when converted to CMYK for four colour process printing due to process printing’s limited colour gamut.

8 A colour proof of each job is supplied to the customer via email or post for approval. Please note that inkjet or email proof colours are an indication only and may differ slightly from the finished printed article. If exact colour reproduction is crucial to you, highly accurate colour proofs are also available for an extra charge. This may add a day or two to production time.

9 All prices are subject to change without notice, depending upon suppliers. Any print product may be withdrawn from sale without notice.

10 Delivery of printing in 6-7 working days or less is the usual occurrence but cannot be guaranteed. Please check when ordering. Production turnaround on specialty items such as magnets is 14-21 days.

11 Artwork production turnaround time is usually 24-48 hours for small to medium jobs but this can vary depending upon workload.

12 All data produced remains the property of Bull Artistry, however customers may obtain copies of their digital artwork files for a release fee relative to the quantity of data.

13 All artwork produced is kept indefinitely in duplicate for future reference or reorders, however Bull Artistry will not be held liable for any loss of this data.

14 Copyright of any images, text or other materials supplied by the customer will be assumed to belong to the customer. Bull Artistry will not accept responsibility for any breach of copyright by the customer.

15 Bull Artistry’s liability is strictly limited to the value of the work carried out for the customer, and will not be liable for any losses direct or consequential due to errors or late delivery.

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