For those reading my book, I need to correct a paragraph on p. 289. Although the newly expanded territory measured out the pattern of the Ark, the Ark was in heaven. So restored Jerusalem became the four-cornered Altar of Incense beneath it (the Holy Place/City) and the Empire became the Bronze Altar beneath that. 

“The Lord had used the exile to expand His territory. He had scattered His people as the four winds. Jerusalem was now the Temple (the holy city), a rebuilt Altar of Incense. The Empire was now the Land, the four-cornered bronze Altar beneath it.”

This all of course is a type of the New Jerusalem ruling an even greater world in this current age. I’ve also added a diagram.


“God claimed the Babylonian Empire as His territory, and began converting Nebuchadnezzar’s new World (Sea) into Land. The kings had failed to continue bringing the riches of the Gentiles under the Covenant, so the Lord expanded the Covenant promise. The expansion would cost Israel her life.”

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