Jul 27 2014

Did Jonathan Edwards Have Asperger’s?

In 2012, aged 43, I discovered I have Asperger’s Syndrome. It explained why I have always felt different from other people, could be counted on to say something inappropriate, lived in a constant state of anxiety/hypervigilance beneath a veneer of impenetrable calm, would obsess about a subject until I knew absolutely everything there was to know about it, struggled to concentrate on subjects which did not interest me, was too uncoordinated and overwhelmed for any sport except running or swimming, and eventually dropped out of high school. It brings with it many difficulties but also some excellent gifts. There is now a link in the top menu to articles and videos related to Asperger’s Syndrome, focussing mostly on adults, which I have found helpful or interesting.

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Sep 21 2010

Heart Strings


Hello again!

Thank you so much for your prayers. Back home again after surgery yesterday. On the whole, a very humbling experience (like most heart surgery, Acts 2:37; 7:54). But I got some well-overdue resting and reading done.

I must say that observing all the very involved methods of the medical profession to keep unclean things out of the body immediately made me think of the intricacies of the sacrificial practices in Leviticus.

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Sep 14 2010

Prayer request

Hello readers!
After a blackout last Friday night, it seems I need a pacemaker with a defibrilator. It’s an inherited slow pulse with ectopic beats and the occasional flutter. I’m 43, fit, and eat right, so it’s a factory recall more than anything. My mum died with a similar problem at 49, although I think they have caught this early. I feel quite OK.
I would appreciate your prayers for the final tests on Thursday and op early next week.
In the meantime I am having some enforced rest under some phenomenally caring staff, which can’t be all bad.
Kind regards,
Mike Bull

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Jan 27 2010

Chuck Norris for President

or The Fool on the Hill


During the 2008 election campaign, I remember being chastised for suggesting that a  McCain/Palin administration was the best choice off a “bad-or-worse” menu. As Doug Wilson put it, it was a choice between heading for the cliff at 5mph or 100mph.

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Dec 1 2009

Gentlemen’s Club

I’ve been ranting a bit lately, so, to lighten things up, and to commemorate the announcement this past week that male-only clubs in Australia do not have to request exemption from anti-discrimination legislation, I offer you the following video. And I hereby begin plans to found the first Christian Gentlemen’s Club in downtown Katoomba. A grand replacement for the Freemasons, eh what?

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