Chuck Norris for President

or The Fool on the Hill


During the 2008 election campaign, I remember being chastised for suggesting that a  McCain/Palin administration was the best choice off a “bad-or-worse” menu. As Doug Wilson put it, it was a choice between heading for the cliff at 5mph or 100mph.

It amazed me how many Christians were sucked in by Barack Obama’s smooth (and forked) tongue, er, teleprompter. They just stared at the cobra and discounted the extremely worrying company he keeps and the lack of just about any good reason to allow him to “govern the free world.” Nothing personal, but either he is an imbecile or a cunning enemy. There are simply no other choices.

Perhaps Chuck Norris should be president. He is no fool. Here is his down-to-earth fact-and-figures assessment of The Fool on the Hill’s disastrous first year in office. Like Obama or not, this is some distressing report card, and, like it or not, his performance affects us all.

State of the Union: Grade F

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