Two Waters

Circumcision Versus Baptism

Voluntary Submission

Cutting Off Flesh by Water

Comparing Apples with Apples

Healing in His… Tassels?

Uniform Obedience

The Acid Test

Protesting the Draft

Wrath of the Waters

Church Membership as Purgatory

The Angels of Death Are We

Baptism of Fire

An Atheist ‘Gets’ Baptism

Walking on Water

There is Only One God-parent

New Covenant Virility – 1

New Covenant Virility – 2

Aslan’s Country

Rise of the Uberbaptist

The Seven Spirits of God

Children of the Spirit

Better Promises


Second-hand Curses

Shakin’ the Tree

He is Not Here

Blood to Blood, Water to Water

Out of the Mouths of Babes

In the Ghetto

Shooting Blanks

A Change of the Law

The Enemy’s Tree

A Carnal Weapon

Parental Advisory

A Burden of Proof

The Sound of One Bookend

Threshing Wheat in the Winepress

Just Passing Through

Judicial Maturity

Esther and the Ten Words

Another Gospel

Another Gospel – 2

Nourishment? – 2

A Jew ‘Gets’ Baptism

Your Family Must Die

A Communion or a Commune?

There Is No Golden Rule

Business As Usual

The Water and the Blood

Genealogy and Mission

Known in the Gates

The Books of Lives

Red Cord, Blue Threads – 1

Red Cord, Blue Threads – 2

Red Cord, Blue Threads – 3

Bringing Children to Jesus

Sons of the Law

Sanctified by the Believer

Sociology and the New Covenant – 1

Sociology and the New Covenant – 2

Bowing the Heavens – 2

It Ain’t Sesame Street

Gospel Proximity

Baptism for the Dead

The Whole Cherry Tree

Talmuds of the Reformed

You and Your Children

The Baptized Body – 1

The Baptized Body – 2

The Baptized Body – 3

The Baptized Body – 4

The Baptized Body – 5

The Baptized Body – 6

The Case for Covenantal Animal Baptism (satire)

Spirit of Adam – 1

Spirit of Adam – 2

Robed In The Sea

Offering Your Members

Supernatural Society

My Firstborn Son

A Baptism To Remember

Exposed to the Elements

Jesus and Covenant – 1

Jesus and Covenant – 2

Baptism and Education

Children of Heaven

A Man Without Genealogy

Waters of Death

Reading Galatians Backwards

The Spirit of Prophecy

School of the Prophets

Feed My Lambs

Because of Transgressions

Believers’ Baptism in Typology

Those Afar Off

Wash Your Sins Away

Cultivation and Representation

Beating Around the Burning Bush

Covenant Renewal Worship vs. Paedosacraments

Baptism and Education – 2

Sealed for Witness

Baptism: God’s Work and Ours

Christendom’s Great Unwashed

The Myth of Covenant Membership

Paedobaptism is Identity Theft

Why I Don’t Go Full-Wilsonian

Look to your Baptism?

The Wrong Question

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