Comparing Apples with Apples

More on baptism (sorry). Douglas Wilson writes:

“You could even say that this is one of the differences between presbies and baptists — all Christians of course believe in “covenant baptism,” but for the baptists the relationship is between the individual being baptized and the covenant itself, Christ Himself — that’s what makes it a covenant baptism. But for the presbie, other people are involved.”

Good observation. But surely this is a contrast between good presbie practice and an error baptists are only prone to?

A credo baptism is a public confession of faith. Like a wedding, there are other people involved, and in a way that the baptizee will never forget. It’s an initiation into the army, the warrior-bride, the heavenly city. And knights kneel. Credo-baptism is about voluntary submission to the government of the church.

Paedobaptism confounds betrothal with the wedding day.


To understand my full biblical theological argument against infant baptism, here are the links, with an extra one thrown in on betrothal and marriage. You will need to read the articles in order.

Two Waters

Passover versus Atonement = Circumcision versus Baptism

Voluntary Submission

Cutting off Flesh by Water

and to illustrate the difference between the “pre-wilderness” Covenant sign and the “post-wilderness” Covenant sign as the difference between betrothal and marriage, see here:

Marriage as a Promise of Wine

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