Schema Volume 2


“The explorer, duly trained in safety, now has his eye on the horizon, and no interest in safety.”

If you are the only person in the world doing a particular something, you are either a madman or a pioneer. As it was with the prophets, only time will tell whether it is the former or the latter. Pursuing a vision that no one else shares can seem like arrogance when it is in fact simple certainty. The future that is home to Noah understandably alienates everyone else. The only way to bring new comfort to the many—in both sacred and secular endeavors—is to step outside of one’s own comfort zone…

The work of systematic typology is not out in the wilderness, nor even outside the camp, but it is certainly out on a limb. Is it a maverick voice from beyond the status quo, sent from left of field to change the game? Only time will tell. Count me a fool, but advent never comes without prior adventure.

Schema 2 on flower-S

Schema Volume 2 is available here.

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