World Without End?

Roderick Edwards on the accusation that those who reject hyperpreterism must rely on creeds for support:

“…the more I look at it, though hyperpreterists try to make it look like eschatology is the most “unsettled condition” of the Church; eschatology is actually probably the most unified doctrine within the Church.

Though some hyperpreterists have taken issue with my inclusion of Roman Catholicism in this list; whether we  look at pre-Roman Catholicism, Roman Catholicism, Greek/Eastern Orthodox, Syrian, Protestant/Reformed, Anabaptist, or Modern Evangelical — all of these expressions of historic Christianity have agreed on the exact four points hyperpreterism denies: Jesus’ yet future return, physical resurrection of the believers in the future, judgment of the wicked and righteous in the future, end of sin and culmination of God’s plan for the world.  This is significant and places hyperpreterists outside of historic Christianity before we even crack open a creedal argument.”

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