Fresh from the Oven


I’m printing another 100 review copies of Totus Christus.
Get one or more fresh, toasty and warm. 

tc-coversIt’s the same but for some minor corrections (the ones you only notice when you get your book back from the printers!). About 40 are already spoken for (some in a bulk postage arrangement), so if you are interested in one of the final 60 the costs follow. This thing is 800 pages long and weighs 3lbs  (or 1.4kg) so the postage is unfortunately corpulent. “Think of it as 3 or 4 books in one.” The last third of the book is a pretty comprehensive commentary on the Revelation that draws from all the previous chapters and ties it together. It also outlines the fascinating literary structures.

Part of the problem is that it is just over a weight threshold so a multiple order saves quite a bit if you want to carpool.

AUSTRALIA:  Book AU$20; postage AU$12.

USA AIRMAIL:  Book US$18; postage US$35 (Please note: U.S. postal service has recently whacked an extra $9.00 on top of this to give the package a security check on arrival, “until further notice. I’ll wear this charge for you.)

UK AIRMAIL:  Book £12; postage £22.

Payment is via PayPal (which also accepts credit cards). If you are a student, the book is free – just pay postage. Send to mbull [at] bullartistry [dot] com [dot] au

Contact me here if you have any questions or concerns, or an actual order!
If you help me out with some criticism I’ll mention you in the final version assuming I live to produce it.

You can read the contents, blurb, intro and chapter 1 here in PDF.

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9 Responses to “Fresh from the Oven”

  • Sam Frost Says:

    Your book looks promising. I’ll be ordering a copy soon. Thanks. What I read so far in the “review copy” is spot on.

  • George Crocker Says:

    Hi Mike

    As a cheap reformed presbyterian….I was ‘a thinking’ (once in awhile I do) why don’t you put the entire book in PDF format so us cheap guys could download it – after paying for it of course (whatever is reasonable)? I have a young bible student in our church who wants to order the book and I’ll probably go in with him to buy two books (his is free but the shipping we can split, etc). I know a lot of people don’t like to read online or on PDF format but the iPad and Kindle, etc have made it more interesting to read books digitally. Just curious and wonder if you have thought about going this route as well? I still love the hard copy but it may make the book more accessible and cheaper (for you as well to print, etc). Am I too cheap thinking (again I do that occasionally) that this would work?

    Blessings from Rome…..GA that is. :-)

    George Crocker

  • Mike Bull Says:

    Hi George

    There’s only about 20 copies left of this review edition and I it is being rewritten. It will be republished as three separate books probably through the same publisher that’s handling Bible Matrix – so they will be very accessible – available from amazon etc. including Kindle – and with much cheaper postage. The publisher just prints them and ships them as required. Saves me a lot of work!

    Kind regards,

  • Rogers Huck Meredith Says:

    I am a CREC pastor in Meeker,Colorado USA. Totus Christi looks great!is it still available?
    Rogers Huck Mereidth

  • Mike Bull Says:

    Hi Rogers
    Yes, there’s around 10 left. Since I wrote it I’ve tidied up my thinking on a few odds and ends, but this “review” edition is fairly sound. I do recommend reading Bible Matrix first as an overview.
    I checked out your blog – the New Eden ministry looks fantastic. A great initiative!
    Kind regards,

  • Mark Sunwall Says:

    Hi Mike,
    Loved Bible Matrix and went back to Amazon to see if I could order TC but it was nowhere to be seen. You seem to have a second installment of Maxtrix planned for release in a couple of months. Is this a different work or are you serializing Totus Christus? If it is a serialization how many more installments will there be until it exhausts the content of TC?

  • Mike Bull Says:

    Thanks Mark
    Bible Matrix is an overview of TC. BMII will be another overview of sorts, but focussing on the Covenant structure. TC is being edited and will be on amazon as 3 books, hopefully late this year or early next. The few copies I have left are the “review” edition (i.e. tell me what’s wrong with it). It is much more indepth, with copious footnotes.
    Kind regards,

  • Kata Iwannhn » Letting the Word Loose Says:

    [...] thinking, to make us wise and mature, able to judge between good and evil.  — Michael Bull, Totus Christus: A Biblical Theology of the Whole Christ, 9. Posted by John Barach @ 2:33 pm | Discuss [...]

  • Jared Says:

    You wouldn’t happen to have all of TC as a pdf, eh?