Seven Words from the Cross


In Jesus’ seven words, He fulfills not only Israel’s feasts and the Tabernacle, but makes all Creation new.

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3 Responses to “Seven Words from the Cross”

  • Victor Says:

    How come we know that this is the order of the seven words? Although we can estimate that some come first and some come last, I don’t know how we can determine that this is “the” sequence.

  • Mike Bull Says:

    I’m fairly sure this is the traditionally accepted order. It would be difficult to move them around much. And Spurgeon ordered them in this way for what it’s worth.

  • Victor Says:

    Ok, so it is tradition that determines the sequence. Fair enough. I remember studying the order of the seven words at length years ago, but had simply forgotten that the sequence above was the dominant one. (Cf.

    It is a tough reconstruction, actually. Nothing prevents several of them moving from here to there. The fact that there is a long-lived well-accepted tradition behind it lends credence to the order.

    As I write this I noticed a chiastic correspondence between the first and the last. They are exactly the two that are echoed by Stephen in his martyrdom. (Acts 7:59,60)