Better than Red Bull

biblematrixinacanINGREDIENTS: An irrefutable demonstration of Genesis 1 as the foundational shape of both Biblical history and Biblical literature; an exciting, entry-level introduction to Systematic Typology; a demonstration of the use of this system in the Bible that might make even Christopher Hitchens’ jaw drop; many unspoken but obvious implications of this premise including: a) evidence for the unity of the entire Bible, b) a demonstration that Genesis 1-11 is history because it gradually builds a foundation for the necessity of the call of Abraham, c) evidence for the sovereignty and wisdom of the God Who orders all events in history according to His plan, no matter how chaotic things appear at the time; and finally, an overview of New Testament history based on all the Biblical structures previously observed that has enormous implications not only for hermeneutics but for the future of Christianity. And sugar.

If you are a Christian, this stuff will make you punch the air. If you are not, it might still make you sleepless. Available in 2 weeks.

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