Manipulate Reality


Bible Matrix is now available on amazon in both paperback and hardcover. Bit late to worry about typos now, I guess. Thanks to everyone who encouraged and proofed and edited and especially to Dr Leithart whose uncommon accessibility shows where his heart is.

Ever wish someone could give you a big handle on the entire Bible without years of study? Well, this book not only promises to give you that big handle — it will deliver on the promise. You should be asking, how is this possible?

The Bible is one story told over and over again, with many variations on the same theme. This structure is the Bible’s DNA. This basic seven-point pattern

…is the heartbeat of the Creation.

…..It is the cycle of a human day and a human life.

……….It is the pattern of the Tabernacle.
……….It is the process of agriculture.

……………It undergirds the speeches and Laws of God.

……….It orders the rise and fall of nations and empires.

…..It is also the structure of our worship.

It is the rhythm of Christ,
and it will open the Bible for you like never before.

PS. Manipulating reality is Covenantal, and the secret is…


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