Men of Sin


As I’ve mentioned here before, and in Totus Christus, the reference to the “man of sin” in Revelation is the sixth stanza of what is usually a seven stanza format. Only, in the case of this “Adam,” his seventh stanza is missing. [1] There is no Shekinah, no rest, no transfiguration, no bestowed glory. He crowned himself, so for him there would be no true crown.

I noticed recently that Paul does exactly the same thing with the Jewish super-apostles, those who were basically Herodian leaven (whether they were aware of this or not) that required cutting off. This supports Jordan’s premise that the “Adam of sin” was a Jew or Jewish king. [2] Those readers who are not familiar with how the five-point Covenant model is expanded into the seven-point dominion pattern can catch up here.

For such are false apostles, (Transcendence)
…..deceitful workers,
……….transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. 
……….And no wonder! (Hierarchy)
……………For Satan himself transforms himself
……………into an angel of light. (Ethics)
……….Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also
……….transform themselves into ministers of righteousness,
…..whose end will be according to their works. (Sanctions)

Paul begins with the super-apostles in the first line. Seating themselves on the throne of God, a false Ark, they usurp the Transcendence that belongs to God. They are not true “delegates” at all, but come on their own authority.

As in the Garden of Eden, Satan is the false Lampstand (Ethics), a light that actually obscures and shadows the true path.

Glorification (Succession) is missing, which means these men were under the Covenant curse, a victim of its negative Sanctions. Spiritually, their generations would be cut off like last year’s leaven. [3]

The Herodian king was antichrist, and those who swallowed his doctrine were John’s “many antichrists.” This shapeshifting institution was the firstfruits church’s satanic nemesis. Jesus destroyed it when He came for His own.

[1] See the footnote in The Church as Colossus.
[2] See The Man of Sin. This has a cool video at the end.
[3] See Is Jesus Leavened or Unleavened?

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