Becoming A Shelter


The story of Zacchaeus follows the Bible Matrix.

This little tax collector wished to see Jesus, so he ran ahead. He climbed a tree, but it was not like the many false Ascensions of the Bible. In his ascension, he humbled himself before God. Ascension is about Adam’s sacrificial founding of the house (head) and the promise of the glorious filling of that house (body).

The account finishes with little Zacchaeus as a great tree. At Glorification, or Booths, this man himself had become a tree—a tree broken to build a shelter, a Tabernacle, for others.

If you remember, Daniel 4, concerning the humbling of Nebuchadnezzar, follows the same pattern, although King Neb was a tree that was cut down reluctantly.

If God is cutting you down, be patient. He has plans for you for the sake of others.

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