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The Bible’s Big Picture

Oftentimes, I will hear the Bible described as a “manual for living.” Michael Bull paints another picture. In Bible Matrix, he shows the Bible as a work of art, literature, and history.

As a college literature instructor, I had the blessing of covering the Bible as literature. I wish Bible Matrix had been a textbook. Bull’s work is about the language of the Bible; it is about how the Bible speaks. Many Protestants speak about “interpreting Scripture with Scripture,” but many miss the story of Scripture. Michael Bull gives the reader a framework for understanding both the Scriptures and the world. This book is essential for every student of literature, history, and the Bible.

I have been fortunate to earn degrees in linguistics, literature, and liturgy. Bible Matrix taught me something new about each of those fields. Bible Matrix, however, is not written for the academic. It is composed in a fluid style and geared toward the layperson. It can be used as a home school text or a small group text. One thing is certain: this is a book that must be bought and shared with others. Buy it now. Better yet — buy three or four because you are going to want others to read this book.


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