Border Patrol


“And thou shalt set bounds unto the people round about, saying,
Take heed to yourselves, that ye go not up into the mount,
or touch the border of it:
whosoever toucheth the mount shall be surely put to death.”
Exodus 19:12

The Bible beats blood and water into us over and over again. Blood is death. Water is resurrection. Blood is the Bridegroom and water is the Bride.

Blood is the split rock, the Adam ripped open. Water is the river of life, the Eve that flows from inside Him into the world to glorify it.

Blood is circumcision, the cutting of the flesh before it is put on the Bronze Altar below. Water is baptism, the washing of the flesh before it is offered to God as smoke on the Golden Altar above.

Blood is the husband willing to die in the desert. Water is the wife suddenly discovered by a well.

Blood is the Man or Beast speared through at the bottom of Sinai, the Old Jerusalem who is in bondage, tied up like Isaac. Water is the Laver tipped over on the top of Sinai, the New Jerusalem, the Mother of all the living, the Mother of us all.

So, blood was shed at the door to the mountain of God. The blood goes up in the Ascension of Christ and, like Moses, the Spirit descends as purifying fire upon the people. The mountain of death becomes a mountain of life.

The prohibition against touching the border of Sinai reminded me of the Israelite woman who touched the border of Jesus’ garment. (See Healing in His… Tassels?) Jesus’ form as an Adam robed in seamless white was a picture of His completed ministry, the bloodied Lamb at the centre of a purifying, bridal outflow.

Touching the border of Zion does not bring purifying Covenant death but purifying Covenant life. [1] However, it remains a process of purifying. The difference is the blood that went before us. The flaming mountain of death is swallowed up in the victory of the Crystal Sea (Revelation 8:8). As the gospel flows out, Jesus extends the borders of His robe, of His tent, His firmament, and all the nations are healed.

The cherubim and the Aaronic priests guarded the sanctuary with a sword. KEEP OUT. The Temple and the church are guarded, but there are water chariots. The message is different. It is COME IN and then GO OUT. And keep going out until there are no bounds, no bondage, and no borders, no seams.

[1] The sharp rocks of the Law (cut out “without hands”) that execute the unfaithful Bride are now the five (bridal army) smooth stones from the brook that kill the false suitor.

Picture: Bridal Veil Falls by Ian Cameron.

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5 Responses to “Border Patrol”

  • Victor Says:

    Beautiful text! Picture choice was great too!

  • Mike Bull Says:

    Yes – that one’s in South Africa I think. But there are quite a few of those around here too – just couldn’t resist that perfect picture.

  • Victor Says:

    Yeah, and there’s one literally called by the very name of Bridal Veil not far from my home. (Pics:,

    It is beautiful to find that the last book of the Bible is called UnVEILing and that it climaxes in the MARRIAGE supper of the Lamb and the RIVER of water of life.

  • Joe Rigney Says:

    Mentioning the woman who touched Jesus’ garment reminded me of Uzzah and the ark. Uzzah touches the locus of God’s presence and is struck down. The woman touches the locus of God’s presence and is healed. I have no idea if that fits with any of the typological patterns that you see, but it struck me nonetheless.

  • Mike Bull Says:

    Hi Joe
    Good one! Man couldn’t touch God without dying, and God couldn’t touch Man without killing – without a Mediator. Now, we have full access to God, and in Jesus, God can touch us and heal.