Biblical Rites

breadandcup-vintageModerns are very familiar with process and with story. Everyone’s an expert and everyone’s a film critic. Yet modern Christians are ignorant of the processes in the Bible and how they relate to life. God’s Book is not just a stream of disjoined facts. Every part of it is a carefully ordered process designed to move things forward and bring about change. The story is a process. The process is a story.

“Biblical liturgies, and for us this means the Lord’s Supper, encapsulate the sequence of biography and history. Because we have rejected God, we have also rejected the life He has planned for us, both individually and as churches, cultures, and world history. Biblical rites are designed to insert us back into God’s guidance of our lives, to plug us back into God’s true history so that our lives and cultures can develop properly.”

James B. Jordan, From Bread to Wine, Toward a More Biblical Liturgical Theology. Available from

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2 Responses to “Biblical Rites”

  • John Walker Says:

    Why is the bread and wine covered at communion

  • Mike Bull Says:

    Don’t know John. Possibly originally to keep flies away? Also possibly the same human propensity that led to RCs keeping it in its own Ark of the Covenant-like cupboard – a sign of its holiness. It might vary from tradition to tradition.

    And you may get a better answer on google…