Securities and Futures


What the Bible’s matrix teaches us is that if we are faithful to the Covenant Ethics, we are not only under a “light yoke,” but God eventually hands us the kingdom on a platter. Faithfulness is conquest.

Very often, obedience seems to be the exact opposite of what we think should bring about the desired results. But that is the wisdom of men, and the glory achieved is always short-lived. They have their momentary reward, and sometimes it is a head on a platter.

Lasting glory takes time, but God uses that time to build the eternal prize. At the last, all the things the nations sought for, struggled for, even murdered for, will be handed to the faithful on a platter, just as the Lord gave Canaan to Israel, and the Father gave the kingdom to the Son.

God Himself deals in securities and futures, in “fine gold,” and those who inherit it are qualified by the Ethics of the Covenant. They disregard the temporary glories offered by the world and await something that is permanent (Matthew 6:30-34).

The temptation we face in every sphere is impatience, the result of an ingratitude founded in the slander of God. Any attempt to seize for ourselves what we have been given as stewards is an abuse of the hierarchical nature of the world, whether it be silver and gold, or the exploitation of the helpless. Evil men turn the Covenant shelter into a den of thieves.

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