Bible Matrix X-mas


“So I commended
……….because a man
……….has nothing better
……………under the sun
…..…..than to eat,
and be merry…”
(Eccles. 8:15)

If you love the chiasmi of the Bible, why not arrange a “Covenant” Christmas banquet using the Bible Matrix?*

AInvitation (the Call)
BHospitality promised (open door – Delegation)
CTable setting by Host (forming)
(sacrifice of blood – Bronze Altar)
a – call of servants – Fasting
b – table cloth (house robed – Tabernacle)
c – place setting / silence
d – candles
DCooking (transformation)
C’Table seating of Guests (filling)
(sacrifice of praise – Incense Altar)
d’ – candles lit
c’ – place seating / music
b’ – guests honoured (if robed – Temple)
a’ – dismissal of servants – Feasting**
B’Hospitality enjoyed (closed door – Vindication)
A’Rest (and Rule)

“…whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do,
do all to the glory of God.”
(1 Cor 10:13)

*Based on a structure by Albert Garlando. See also Kindle Your Nostrils for how to smoke a pipe according to the matrix.
**This is the 24 angels carrying out their final Old Covenant tasks in the Revelation and leaving the Holy Place vacated for the saints. The Old Covenant servants leave the house to the New Covenant sons.

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