Bible Matrix goes forth


Doing my first Bible Matrix presentation this Sunday morning (with Powerpoint) at a church in Sydney. Also have a question time at the church dinner on Saturday night. Please pray for me as I prepare. I can handle public high school kids okay, but this is a different kettle altogether!

Here’s my outline (subject to approval!). I’ve got 40 minutes:

1  The Art of the Bible
(The basics of literary structure – the Word as fractal)
2  The Architecture of God
(The to-and-fro of the Trinity as the basis of all reality)
3  The Contours of the Covenant
(Expansion of the Trinity into fivefold Mission)
4  The Head and the Body
(Expansion of Mission into sevenfold Creation)
5  The DNA of Creation
(Creation/Feasts/Dominion as Word/Sacrament/Government)
6  The Christ and the Cosmos
(Covenant history as de-investiture and re-investiture
[Covenant Key p. 230)
7  The Shape of Mission
(Worship as pre-enactment of conquest)
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