Parameters of Cleansing

Bow ties are cool. Fezzes are cool. But systematic typology is very cool. Try this on…

The Bible is a fractal, like … broccoli. Every bit you break off is a miniature of the whole. The entire Bible follows the matrix pattern (see Bible Matrix p. 215), but within that, the history of Israel follows the matrix (see p. 191).

Based on that, here’s an observation: Step 6 concerns the vindication of mediators, God’s representatives. In the Garden, it’s the Land animals and people. In the Tabernacle, it’s the Laver and Priests. In the World, it’s the nations and Israel.

In Israel’s pattern, the “Day 6″ era was the Restoration Covenant. It began with Joshua the High Priest and ended with Jeshua (Jesus) our Great High Priest. It was “man-to-Man” or “Covenant head” to “Covenant head,” type to reality, glory to glory — the complete (robed) Land-Mediator standing in the open Veil.

But then, what do we find in the corresponding places in the “whole Bible” pattern? It’s the New Covenant era, from AD70 to the final judgment. Instead of being bound by Covenant heads, it is bound by corporate “Covenant bodies.” Instead of being Joshua-to-Joshua (Captain) it is first resurrection to second resurrection. It is the army of God (Land then World, Jew then Gentile) crossing the sea, through the Veil, entering into God’s rest.

What’s even cooler is the way that the “Israel-Head” pattern is overlaid onto and interacts with the whole Bible “Nations-Body” pattern — and all without a hitch.

The Bible’s orbit is often “ec-centric” to us because it’s circling a different sun. The mind of God is cool.

If this process of interpretation isn’t clear, check out Cross-eyed Exegesis for an explanation.

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2 Responses to “Parameters of Cleansing”

  • Dave Says:

    That is indeed tres cool. I’m not so sure about bow ties and fezzes though :).

    I bet you must get frustrated when you hear prominent speakers talking about passages that contain one of these major types and they miss it all together. It’s funny how hard these things are to see at first, but once you see them they’re so obvious.

    I’d love to see what a computer animator would do with this stuff. I picture lots of zooming in and out of texts, superimposing graphic representations of the relationships – a sort of animated wiki-like Bible commentary. One can dream…:-)

  • Mike Bull Says:

    Wow, can you see inside my head or what?