Jordan’s Chrono-Logic

Some gents have been posting their favourite Jim Jordan quotes. Some are interesting. Some are funny. This one is tragic.

The secularists maintain a veritable army of state-university-sponsored archaeologists, translators (of ancient writings), and historians, all maintaining the standard secularist line in the area of ancient near east chronology. Against this formidable array of scholarship and speculation, the pitiable forces of evangelical, traditionalist, and modernist Christianity long ago capitulated.

For the modernist, who discounts the accuracy of the Bible, this is no problem. For the traditionalist (Roman Catholic, Anglo-Catholic, Eastern Orthodox), with his vague commitment to Biblical authority, this is not much of a problem. For the evangelical (and for strict Biblicists among the traditionalistic groups), this is a major problem.

The problem arises from the fact that if the Bible is inerrant, then its chronology is inerrant. If the Bible’s chronology is inerrant, then a great deal of secularist speculation about the ancient near east is in error.

James B. Jordan, The Embarrassment of Biblical Chronology.

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