Bible Matrix 104

Israel’s annual festal calendar reveals a God of harvest … who likes parties.

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11 Responses to “Bible Matrix 104”

  • Steven Opp Says:

    I recently heard a theologian talking about the seven signs of Jesus in the Gospel of John. Have you ever put the Bible Matrix on those? I tried but it didn’t seem to work (for example, walking on water is the fifth sign, when it seems like it should be the sixth.)

  • Mike Bull Says:

    Interesting. I just googled it and found quite a few articles on 7 but one which has 8. How does this look?

    Water to Wine (Sabbath)
    …Ruler’s Son (Passover)
    ……Impotent Man (Firstfruits [Ascension] – Altar)
    ……Feeding 5000 (Firstfruits – Table)
    ………Walking on the Sea (Pentecost – World Ruler)
    ……Man Born Blind (Trumpets – Legal Witness)
    …Sister’s Brother (Atonement)
    Draught of Fishes (Booths – Gentiles)

  • Steven Opp Says:

    I think the first four work really well. The Pentacost doesn’t jump out at me as much, but perhaps there’s another connection with wind, which occurs in John 6 and at Pentacost in Acts.

    I like the idea that Jesus’ resurrection is his 8th miracle, which this throws off, unless since the impotent man and the 5000 are at the same place they count as one together…

  • Steven Opp Says:

    Same place in the structure, that is.

  • Mike Bull Says:

    Yes, the Altar is about a mound of earth, a prostrate man of dust. The Table is about food. Think of the baker with baskets on his head. Same deal.

    “Even the wind and the waves obey Him” ties in with the ethical nature of Pentecost as the revealing of the Law. Here it is the Lawgiver.

  • Dave Says:

    These videos are really good. Is this part of a DVD study you’re making? You mentioned a new website… is there a link illustrating your grand scheme? :)

  • Simon Kennedy Says:

    Mike, these videos are really helpful. Thanks for putting them together. They’re making it easier to grasp where you’re coming from. I’m not convinced, but I can see why you might be. That alone is a useful step.

    Also, they look great. But of course they would!

  • Mike Bull Says:

    Thanks Simon.

    Keep at it. The penny will drop. And you wouldn’t be alone in that regard. It’s a different way of thinking. Less modern, more Hebraic. I find kids and teenagers get it first go, which is interesting.

  • Ethan Russell Says:

    Helpful videos, and I think that they are edifying, whether or not someone jumps in with both feet. Despite one’s eschatology, we can all agree that we may soon see it play out in real time.
    Something about Joshua and and “taking courage” keeps coming to mind. God’s patterns and fingerprints surround us. I hold loosely things I don’t completely grasp. We know truth can’t be threshed away.
    May God unite his children in these days to work together for His purposes. I would love to see R.C. Sproul, Michael Bull, Ravi Zacharias, James Jordan, and others hang out and talk over coffee. Doesn’t God desire us to do “greater things”?

  • Mike Bull Says:

    I’d be the coffee boy. :)

  • Ethan Russell Says:

    (I hope there’s coffee in paradise. I’ve been off the bean for a few years, but still love the smell of it.)

    I like Ravi, he always has something for the arts. I heard a message by him the other day that included this sentiment apparently originating with Andrew Fletcher, and echoed by others:

    “Let me make the songs of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.”

    We can’t despise art and music any more in our churches!