The Triune Office

Here’s a chapter from Bible Matrix III. If you think this one’s just okay, rest assured that the subsequent chapters are a lot more fun — typologically speaking.

(Note: It still has some typos and the footnotes haven’t been numbered yet!)


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2 Responses to “The Triune Office”

  • Steven Opp Says:

    Are the two beams of the cross the “warp” and “weft”, aka the two trees of the garden? And Jesus is the serpent on the trees?

  • Mike Bull Says:

    Sort of. The Ethics are the three points going across (serpent / bride / Adam) – the “horizontal law.” It fits with the “scroll” division of the Ten Words as well:


    See Bible Matrix II for those…

    Dying unites the two trees. Not sure which tree makes the cross pole, though. But then Jesus, coming out of the tomb, is a man as a tree … walking.