Esther in Ezekiel’s Temple

EzekielsTemple 3D-S

The final vision of Ezekiel is one of the most hotly debated passages in the Bible. Since the structure described has never been built, those who take the passage as fulfilled in history believe it to be figurative. However, the building is described in such careful detail that common sense suggests that something else is going on. The precise measurements remind us of the instructions given concerning the Tabernacle and Solomon’s Temple for the purpose of physical construction. Is Ezekiel’s temple a false prophecy, or does it describe a third, and as yet unbuilt, Temple in Jerusalem?

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3 Responses to “Esther in Ezekiel’s Temple”

  • David Says:

    So when you write that Titus brought an end to the ‘New Covenant’ (but not Jesus New Covenant), it sounds like there was an Old Covenant and a New Covenant in the Old Testament, and then another New Covenant brought in by Jesus in the New Testament? (I know that Covenant and Testament have the same meaning).

  • David Says:

    Also, for the benefit of other readers – do you think that there is any significance to the re-birth of Israel as a nation in May of 1948? and what do you think of the efforts going on right now to re-built the Temple (for the third time)?


  • Mike Bull Says:

    Thanks David

    Firstly, God deals in fractals. The new tablets at Sinai were effectively a new covenant. So was the law given to the new generation of Israel in Deuteronomy. Each time the Covenant was renewed, it reflected a greater maturity, and also became the watershed between the old and new. The New Covenant in Jesus’ blood effectively made all the others the “old.”

    Good question. Since I believe the office of Jew no longer exists, there is no Covenant significance. Circumcision and the Land were related promises which were fulfilled and transcended in Christ, the only true offspring. In that respect, things are now as they were before the institution of circumcision, except that baptised Christians are an army of Noahs, a cleansing flood of humanity.

    Rebuilding the Temple means two things: that Christ has not come in the flesh (as the foundation of the true temple), that Christ’s blood was not sufficient, and that Christ has not ascended to heaven as the centre of true worship (since the Tabernacles and Temples were the centre of worship on earth, much like the claims of Rome). Also, Rabbinic Judaism is such a perverted version of Judaism it is almost unrecognisable. If they do manage to rebuild a Temple it would simply be a centre for the cult invented by the Rabbis in their rejection of Christ. See…

    Thanks for the questions.