Brexit and the Binding of Satan – Part 4


Since the judgment of Babel was followed by the initiation of the circumcision, the impending end of the circumcision in AD70 explains the significance of the first century miracle of foreign tongues.

Except for a few Aramaic “teasers” in the book of Daniel, the Word of God was monolingual and His priesthood was monocultural. On the Day of Pentecost, the preaching of the apostles to Jews from across the empire in their native languages was a sign to the rulers of Jerusalem. The second witness in the legal case against them was the conferring of this same gift upon believing Gentiles. This temporary sign, which prefigured the translation of God’s Word into every language and its dissemination among all nations, brings us back to the significance of Babelic unity as the ultimate goal of Satan.

The failure to understand the Babelic context of Israel’s history results in a failure to understand the purpose of tongues in the New Testament, and a failure to understand the historical transition that took place between AD30 and 70. God judged Babel because if the people were united, nothing would be withheld from them (Genesis 11). Jesus prays that His people would be united, so that nothing will be withheld from us (John 17). It was necessary for Jewish and Gentile believers to overcome the Old Covenant bipolarity and be united, before the Gospel could really go forth in full power. After AD70, with Jew and Gentile united in one Church, nothing can be withheld from us, unless we choose by our sin to be disunited. After AD70, there is no longer any God-instituted historical disunity in operation.”

The strife was never a rivalry between priesthood and kingdom, since the kingdom of God on earth was always the goal. Contrary to the understanding of many Christians, empire per se is not a bad thing. In Daniel 7, the kingdom of Christ succeeds the bestial empires just as naturally as Adam was given dominion over the wild beasts in Genesis 2 and Noah in Genesis 7. Covenant history was always a feud between godless empire and godly empire.

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Art: The Turning Point by Roi Horn.

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