Cure for Ignorance


Jared W.’s review of Moses and the Revelation.

Mike Bull has given us the antidote for our collective ignorance about the Book of Revelation.

The book of Revelation is meant to be an unveiling and a blessing to the Church, but most often we treat it as a gordion knot that isn’t worth trying to solve.

However, Mike wants his readers to be “in on the joke” of Revelation. We can get the joke by becoming familiar with the people, objects, and stories of the Pentateuch.

I was greatly helped by the explanation of Jesus’ words to the Jews of his day connected with the words of the Old Testament prophets comprising the “covenant lawsuit” brought against Israel which would close the old covenant era and bring in the new.

This is the second book about the book of Revelation that has made any sense to me. The first was James Jordan’s Vindication of Jesus Christ.

Get this book today to cure your ignorance.

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