Dispensationalism is Racist

“The French Revolution caused many Protestants to begin to consider whether there might be evils even worse than Roman Catholicism. Once it was clear that history had moved beyond the Papacy, many commentators shifted to a futurist approach to prophecy. They continued to roll all the bad characters in the Bible into one evil personage, this time not the Pope but some “Antichrist” who would appear in the future just before Jesus returns.

Few of these expositors seem to be able to resist the temptation to suggest, if not insist, that this “Antichrist” is due to appear shortly after their commentary is published. In this way, cultural bigotry has continued to inform most advocates of the futurist approach: The decline of European-American (nowadays called “Western”) civilization is identified as the final decline of Christendom and as a sign of the “last days.” The rest of the world does not count. Events in the Middle East and Europe are identified with Biblical prophecy and accorded status as signs of the end of the world. That this approach relegates the red, brown, black, and yellow peoples of the world to the status of historical non-entities does not seem to be noticed by the advocates of this unintentionally racist approach to predictive prophecy.”

James B. Jordan, The Handwriting on the Wall, p. 4.

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