Amalek debunks Hyperpreterism – 4

Counterfeit Kingdom Come

Then the dragon became furious with the woman and went off to make war on the rest of her offspring, on those who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus. And he stood on the sand of the Sea. Revelation 12:17 [ESV]


“After a number of years of peace for the Church (Acts 9:31), Wormwood poured out his poisonous waters, false Judaising doctrines, to try and corrupt the woman. God raised up Paul to defeat Satan and the Judaisers, and meanwhile the land (the Circumcision) drank up his false doctrine. Satan has engaged in two tactics: persecution and corruption. These have failed. So now he decides to return to persecution, but this time against the non-Jewish believers, the “rest of her offspring”. He stands on the sands of the sea, addressing the Roman Gentile sea, and raises up the Sea Beast.”1

Satan failed to make a “new earth” out of the Land with false doctrine, so he raised one up out of the Sea. In Daniel 7, the four winds of witnessing saints transformed the Sea beasts into guardian cherubim for the woman, a terrifying metal man. The apostles preached the gospel under the protection of Roman officials, and in Paul’s appeal to Caesar the iron “Nebuchadnezzar” of Rome was almost converted (Acts 25:12). But with slander, Satan, like Haman, would steer Rome against the people of God. As with the three previous guardians, this last one also went bad. However, it would not be replaced with a another beast empire, but with the Empire of the Man.

The phrase “sand of the sea” also alludes to the various good and evil gatherings under wise kings—Abraham, Joseph, Jabin, Amalek, Absalom, Solomon.2 As another Gog-and-Magog, head-and-body, it was a counterfeit totus Christus.3

As a Jew-Gentile conspiracy of nations, the metal man became an evil twin of David’s Jew-Gentile Tabernacle “Bride”, the measuring out of “Esau’s ladder”. With unclean feet of Roman iron intermarried with Edomite clay, this revived “Nebuchadnezzar-Harlot” united heaven and earth by force.

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3 See Totus Diabolus, here.

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