Amalek debunks Hyperpreterism – 6

Greater Solomon

The structure of Revelation passes through two large heptamerous cycles (1-11 and 12-19). But the book as a whole follows the same pattern as Ezekiel. In the last three chapters, following Ezekiel’s pattern, John is shown the destruction of Gog (Amalek) in the Land, and a vision of a new Jerusalem. However, unlike Ezekiel, these events are beyond the second cycle of the book, and for good reason. This final “east-west” section exiles the Accuser to the Abyss (Azal) and enthrones the Bride. It is the only part of Revelation that directly concerns our own day.

The binding of Satan began the history of the church as a New Israel—a new Land with a larger World to conquer. Although the kingdom of God was inaugurated at Christ’s ascension, it was completed at the marriage of “Greater Solomon” to theFirstfruits church in AD70. Heaven and earth were united by the Spirit, and the first city destroyed under the church’s government was devoted to total destruction: Old Jerusalem, like Jericho, was also a Firstfruits. Her smoke would ascend before God forever.

As Solomon’s corruption began 1000 years of Temple worship, the end of the corruptible Temple began “1000 years” of Temple worship under a Greater Solomon who cannot be corrupted.

“After these events, in AD 70, the Millennium begins. A study of Biblical chronology will show that from the time of the building of Solomon’s Temple to AD 70 is 1000 years. This was the first Millennium, the shadow of the greater Millennium. The literal foreshadows the figurative; the symbol of a Millennium arises from the actual thousand years of the first kingdom. (Note that Solomon’s 666 apostasy is a foreshadowing of the 666 apostasy that ends that 1000-year first kingdom.)”1

Why did Christ not destroy Satan in AD70? Because he is still useful for exactly the same purpose—the testing of the church. But as it was with Job’s life, he is bound from destroying it. We have another parallel, also:

Just as Zechariah saw the “Woman” of false worship “sealed” under a talent of lead in a false ark at the restoration of the Temple, John saw the real “fountain” of idolatry exiled at this spiritual restoration of worship. Just as the “ascended” Ark of Moses broke Babylon’s grip after the captivity (Zechariah 5 – the Ark is seen as a scroll), the ascended Christ broke the devil’s grip over the people of God by dealing with the false “Woman”, the harlot.

1 James B. Jordan, The Vindication of Jesus Christp. 83.

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