The Crown of Abimelech


The Jews choose a violent, thieving murderer—like Herod—a beast, for release instead of the Son of God. When forced to choose, they publicly proclaim Caesar (Daniel’s fourth beast) as their king. When Adam is unjust, Eve follows the “light” of a beast.

Like Joseph and Daniel, the obedience of the suffering servant brings a nightmare to the Gentile ruler, or in this case, his wife. She warns Pilate to have nothing to do with “that just man”. From the seat of judgment, he gives the Jews a choice. Like Joseph and Daniel, the Jews unwittingly open the mystery of God.

Jesus is crowned with thorns as Adam’s successor. As Israel, He is a cursed Land bearing a cursed crop—the crown of Abimelech, the bramble king who slays his brothers. Christ dies on behalf of Herod’s kingdom, a compromised rule whose only use was kindling in God’s nostrils.

As High Priest making atonement on the mountain of God, Jesus is again flanked by two men. One ascends to paradise. The other goes to destruction.

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