Under Your Feet

“And the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly.” Romans 16:20

James Jordan commented in one of his lectures that some churches had a serpent painted on the floor in the doorway. The saints trod him under foot as they entered God’s house to worship.

The other day, I wrote:

“The history of the first century church was Trumpets, the mustering of the holy army. With Jerusalem as Jericho, our own gospel era is Atonement, with the High Priest, totus Christus, representing the nations before God at the open door. The saints are dividing up the Land as their inheritance.”

I had some more thoughts about this, and it is another knockout blow to hyperpreterism. Since the Day of Atonement corresponds to Joshua’s conquest (Step 6 / Feast 6), in this gospel age, there is the idea that the Totus Christus, head and body, displayed bread and wine, stands in the gap, the open veil, on the serpent. In fact, standing on its head is exactly what prevents the false “ark” from gathering another conspiratory body (see Totus Diabolus) until he is released for a short season.

Greater Joshua is the Captain of the Lord’s armies (head) and the necks of the kings from the cave are under the feet of His men (body), (Joshua 10:24).

The New Jerusalem as robed High Priest is a great Metal Man, the fulfilled Tabernacle. The king of darkness is under His foot in the Abyss, the valley at the bottom of the mountain of God.

Connecting heaven with earth, the whole Christ stands upon the sea of nations. For the wicked, the gospel-church is a first taste of the lake of sulphur. As part of the High Priestly “city” on a worldwide scale, faithful saints are co-redeemers and co-avengers.

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