Black Eyes

“If Satan was defeated at the cross, why was there so much Satanic activity before the destruction of the Temple?”

Christ was lifted up as head and by the Spirit the church became His Jew-Gentile body.

Christ’s death defeated the head (Satan) but Satan raised up a false Jew-Gentile body (Judaisers and Rome).* It was the deaths of the apostles and martyrs that brought about the defeat of this ‘body’ in AD70.

Now Christ and the church as a single body stand on the head of the serpent so he cannot cause all nations to conspire as a single body – until he is released for a short time to fill up his sins and bring about his destruction.

(*Satan was thrown out of the heavenly Temple but moved into the earthly one – seven worse demons – a false Lampstand. Judaism’s seven eyes were darkened. [Matt. 6:23])

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